Create your application by entering few basic details about your app like App Name and Base URL.

App Name

  • Provide any name for your app.

Base URL

  • Enter Origin URL of your server. This URL must be passed as Origin in request header of every API call your server make to the Fyre backend. The Fyre backend only allows apps who base base URL is registered. Other requests will be ignored.

  • The base URL must has HTTPS enabled for production use.

Upon filling the app details, click on Create button to register an app. Once the app is created, app credentials (Appcredential.json file) will be download in the browser. Keep this file handy with you for now. You server will need two fields AppPrivateKey and AppId (you can store them in your env or any other secure place) to authenticate itself to the Fyre backend at time of fetching data (read Application authentication section for more).

A sample Appcredential.json file:

    "RecoveryPhrase":"shadow pencil flush...urge used math elegant"

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