General Configurations

The basic setup of an event. (this is mandatory, event cannot be saved without setting up General Config)

Let’s understand the working of each field:

  1. Event name: A name given to the event (this also shows up in the event URL). Keep it short and simple is a good idea.

  2. Banner URL: The banner is a display image that show up on the landing page of the event where participants interact with the campaign.

  3. Start Date: The time and date when the event will start.

  4. End Date: The time and date when the event will finish.

  5. Tags: Tags are wide categories of different fields in the blockchain space, like DeFi, gaming, Ethereum, etc. (you can choose what best resonates with your project). Fyre uses these tags to reach out to users who have participated in past events created under similar tags.

  6. Notifications: If an admin/organizer keeps the notification toggle switched on, Fyre sends push notifications of the event to our existing user base on the creation of the event.

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