Who are we?

Fyre is a community engagement/building platform that lets you build custom campaigns for KYC, Whitelisting, Sweepstakes, verification of token/NFT holding on most EVM compatible chains and Cosmos, or rewarding people for performing specific actions on your dApp, which is verified through APIs.

Our Vision

To be a single point for providing growth tools for WEB3 projects ensuring ROI on marketing budgets.

Core Values

Community First: Our goal is to create a community comprising exceptional growth-oriented individuals who can act as catalysts for growth while also benefitting from the community's growth. As a member of the community.

Open to Feedback: Fyre is built through customer/peer feedback from the ground up and we foster feedback in everything we do.

Functionality First: We at Fyre are on a mission to build a community engagement/building tool that works for the WEB3 projects offering features specifically for our niche.

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