This API is for fetching list of events associated with particular app.





"Content-Type": 'application/json',
"Origin": <base URL> // Registered Base URl 

Request Body

Every request body must contain three properties: message, fyresign and messageHash.

Sample request body:

  "message": {  
       "appId": "6274a30fc43e35144642u484", 
       "exp": 1651900005,  
  "fyresign": "0x04b681aa455ae90948cd94ae8474c12c7ba9e1efd2f08473f75194b87ccdd01f44706f3c6b5a2708882957f5569af821bdc308b827d3b3ee28df3f6a044979421c",
  • message

    • appId: Id that you will get after creating app in Fyre Admin Dashboard.

    • iat: Timestamp at which the message was signed.

    • exp: Timestamp upto which the signature is valid.

    • metaData: This field is to send extra parameter like limit, page values.

  • fyresign: Signature generated by signing message using app's private key. Send generated signature in this field.

  • messageHash: Hash of the message.

Response Body

  "message": "Successfully fetched AppEvents",
  "data": [
      "_id": "6274b4cde7556226721e620c",               // Id of an event
      "projectName": "Test Event",                     // Name of the event
      "logoUrl": "http://localhost:3000/img/logo.png", // Banner url
      "fromDate": "2022-05-06T05:40:00.000Z",          // Event start date
      "toDate": "2023-05-18T05:40:00.000Z",            // Event end date
      "projectStatus": true,                           // Event status; Closed | Open
      "slug": "test-event",
      "actions":[                                      // Event action list
          "_id":"6294df13b253e14768a95561",            // Action id
          "eventId":"6274b4cde7556226721e620c",        // Id of an event
          "type":"HYPERSIGN_AUTH",                     // Action type
          "title":"Hypersign Authentication",          // Action title 
          "score":5,                                   // Action score
          "isManadatory":true,                         // Is this a mandatory action
          "value":"Hypersign Authentication",          // Action value
          "placeHolder":"Hypersign Authentication",    // Action placeholder
  "success": true,
  "error": false

NOTE: See the full list of supported action types in Event Action Types page;

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