Custom Smart Contract Configurations

Call various readable functions of an contract, widely used for staking contracts.

This action type let’s event organizers configure custom smart contract based tasks for participants and verify them on-chain, for example with the help of this action an organizer can create a task to verify if participants have staked their tokens/NFT in a particular contract or not and reward points for staking specific quantities.

Type: Choose the blockchain on which the contract is deployed.

Contract Address: Mention the contract addresses (for ex: the staking contract address).

Contract ABI: Mention contract ABI (Can be found on block explorers for a particular contract, or the developers will have access to it).

Method Type: Select from the range of readable functions in the contract (Balanceof in case of verifying staking).

Condition: Choose a threshold for getting points (Ex: Operator >= 1000).

Title: Text that will be seen by participants for this action (ex: Get extra 30 points for staking 1000 or more $HID tokens)

Score: points that will be awarded on completion of this activity to the participant

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