Reward Distribution

Create a whitelist of campaign winners and distribute rewards to numerous individuals in one go!

The reward distribution feature, allows marketing campaign creators to create a whitelist of chosen winners and avoid high gas fees when sending rewards. These selected winners, or “whitelisted” addresses, must claim their rewards and pay a small gas fee.

Choose winners & create a whitelist

Once the event is over, it is time to look at the participant data and choose winners. On the admin dashboard, visit the “Participants” tab and select the event name for which you want to download/analyse the participant data.

Once you select the event name, the participant data of that particular event will show up; you can choose the winners directly on the tool by clicking on “Lottery,” which gives you the option to select winners based on the total score of each individual on the campaign or randomly, or click on “Export All” to download the data in CSV format.

In the participant data, you will have the wallet addresses of the participants, including all the details of tasks and their completion and total score; once you have selected the winners, you can copy the wallet addresses to an excel sheet.

Choose winners based on score and tasks or randomly based on your objectives.

The second step is to visit the “Events” page and create the whitelist.

Click on the trophy icon on the event for which you want to make the whitelist of winners.

The “Create Reward Distribution” setup will open up:

The tool will show the prizes set up while creating the campaign; organizers are supposed to create the whitelist for each reward category. Let’s start with creating a whitelist for RP token rewards; choose RP under the prize details section:

In the “Select you chain” option choose Ethereum or Polygon mainnet (currently supported chains)

In the “Token Address” field type in the Token/NFT contract address on the blockchain chosen in the previous step

In “Recipients and Amounts” section drop down the list of winner wallet address in the format (Wallet address,numer of tokens) separated by a single line for example:















This means each wallet address listed above can claim 10 RP tokens once the distribution is created.

Enter all the information, click “Create Distribution,” and then sign the transaction on Metamask for the contract to use the tokens in your wallet to distribute rewards.

Sign the message on Metamask and give permission to use the reward token/NFT from your wallet for the distribution of rewards.

Sign the transaction

Sign the Merkle Hash

A message will appear on the top right of the screen stating, “Reward distribution created successfully,” once the transaction goes through.

As an organizer, your task of distributing the Tokens/NFT is done!

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